Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Circus has a million stories under one tent.Every man, women and child has fond memories from sometime in their life,or maybe not.As a child the one memory I have is a bad one,so I have not been a big fan of the circus because it brings back the painful experience of my big toenail getting ripped off when I opened the bathroom door to fast,ouch ! Well to make a long story short We had tickets ,we are going to the Circus,stick a bandaid on it and stop crying. I cried the whole show and had clowns laughing in my face to cheer me up, and I saw animals getting whipped and abused,I loved animals and this just made me cry more.I hated my first big top time,it was in Boston , this is Chicago,and Marty is really looking forward to this.On Friday after school Marty and I went over to see them setting up,I shot a few photos and my son got lessons on how to do a hand stand,we met the circus dog Junebug, and a boy named Max who was in the show,his parents, two girls who fly above the crowd and a guy named Book. A guy did a flip for a Birthday present to Marty and we gave them rice crisspy squares that Marty made for his class birthday party. This time we spent we these great people was priceless ,on Saturday we went back to the 2 O'clock show at Holstein Park  ,wow oooo,aaaahhh. I'm not kidding this was the greatest show on earth or in Chicago park history.or under the big little top of local talent !! I forgot all about my childhood bad circus time and now have new circus friends and memories and of course a few good photos.Thank you Midnight Circus,when night is day and day is night ,it does not matter under the Big Top Light. Shine on, you are all stars,thanks for making Marty's B-Day special, lighting up my life and making millions smile! Life is a Circus...Peaceout  PHILIN PHLASH

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