Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another hijacking

Here are a few other images snapped by Phlash that I may want to link to in tonight/tomorrow's pipeline. The Bulls might be out of the neighborhood, but they're still relevant to many.


  1. I have photos that I was going to do something with,just like the see-saw you stole my thunder,when I'm ready to do a Bulls Blog I will not when you want it .This blog thang was for me to do things about what was important to me,when and how I want the photos I want you keep throwing photos on my blog that I would not choose,pipeline is for that,my blog is my blog,my words my photos,my progress my mistakes,I love that D,erick Rose photo maybe my best yet,that is why I was waiting to make sure it is watermarked or labled a PHILIN PHLASH PHOTO

  2. WHATEVER. Part of new media is getting over your EGO. New media is not about one single person or who does what but about bringing as many voices together as possible. A watermark only matters if you plan to sell the image NOW, if not, why not share it now like the MILLIONS of other photos out there on the net? i know it's difficult for old generation to understand the new one, but i am tapped out from trying to help you. we got a resume going, on a Sunday night, you learned how to blog. and now as usual i am not doing enough, good luck with watermarking and with your own blog.

    P.s. and How did i "steal your thunder" with the see saw pic? more than two people can be inspired by the same image. there is no longer ONE story, but an infinite number of stories. go ahead and write about the see-saw picture. sheesh.

  3. OH- here's the TWO LINES i wrote about your pic, and i "TAGGED" you too- what that means is that your name and the photos attached to it will come up in a google search. i guarantee barely anyone read my take, and i don't care, just write what you feel land don't worry about anyone "stealing your thunder." there is no thunder except that which we create in our heads. express yourself ALWAYS, regardless of whether or not you are the first or the last voice or one of the millions in between, this is the INTERNET.