Monday, March 28, 2011


THAT'S LIFE so the people say.... I hear Frank singing,you know the song it's about the ups and downs of life.Like a see-saw life is a balance,and when life gets unbalanced things get out of wack.The earth got rocked off its axis,we lost time and thousands of lives have changed forever. Was there anything that we did to make this happen,I don't think so.This is my point,we don't always have control over what happens in life. We can try to control life on a day to day routine but in reality anything can happen like a torched car behind my house in the middle of the night,not that big of a deal,I lost communication the wires were melted,no phone,TV,or computer,but I have my home,wife,3 kids and I was not blown up trying to photograph this when it exploded, 2 sides of the fence.I wanted to be on the other side to get a better photo but if I was I may not be telling you about it.We always want more from LIFE,it's human nature they say,but remember what you got, and be thankful,I am and I hope you all are.Think of the people that need your help and help them,that's it, THAT'S LIFE !

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