Monday, March 28, 2011


It took hours to get to BLOG LAND you know it's further than ASH LAND and longer than WESTERN,so my journey threw cyber space continues.My blog has been hijacked,and the last entries have not been up to par, so I am trying to learn and understand the new ways of the world wide web,social media,blogging and communicating threw this porthole or is it wormhole or maybe I should just stick to the universal highway or is it cyber space ? Photography,the making of a photograph is what it is about,but it has changed so much from when I started.Photographers were few and far between and now we are lost in the sea of photography.The problem now is the image you see may be not what was seen but what was arranged later threw computer manipulation.This alters the truth factor,I always was amazed of a great photo that captured life,how did he get that shot ? I want to state here and now the photos you see by me PHILIN PHLASH are as I saw them,and sometimes, well almost all the time, I feel them and I shoot to capture a moment in time that will be like no other,that's why I photograph,to show others what they don't see.I love the static moment,the unguarded moment,the one that comes and goes so fast you don't see it,that's my kind of photo,if I catch it, the expression,the human interaction,emotion energy of life that only still photography does best with a flash because it freezes a moment in time.So if you don't like your photo,most people don't anyway because they do not see themselves that way.I am trying to show all of you, not how you look, but how you are,how you fit in, how you move, how you are different, special, one of a kind human beings,all beautiful and how we connect to each other and how we connect to the world around us.Never said that before,I never put this into words,better stop,I am a image maker,I am PHILIN PHLASH welcome to my world,welcome to my town,       PHLASHTOWN

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