Monday, March 21, 2011

The Real ST. Pats Day 3/17 Cornbeef,CH.5,WXRT,Buddy Guy,&Green

PHLASH TOWN USA,Chicago my kind of town, your kinda town, how can anyone from anywhere not love this town?

OK, I know it's not a town, and I know nobody here calls it CHI-TOWN. One thing I do know is CHICAGO likes to have fun and party like no tomorrow on days like Saint  Patrick's Day, which is not one day but many days of wearing green and being Irish, even if you're not., It's OK.

Here, I meet people of all race,creed and color, happy to be IRISH and so am I cause I am, because you are what you are, and what you are, is called human. March 17th 2011,no parade today,no dying the river green today,if you survived Saturday you now have the legal right to do all over again the same but different,drinking all day, or having to wait till you got out of your 9 to 5 to dash off to your fave watering hole,bar,tavern,party,event,it was all goin on all over town, every, and I mean every place was packed with people, it was a great day and a great night, from a Cornbeef eating contest to help raise money to feed the homeless over at the Fransciscan Association's Marquard Center, to the Mystic Celt -XRT makin the blues green, with my kind of guy, that's Buddy Guy, and a cat named Brooks with and a band that blew me away called the Uptown Sound, hear what I saw or see what I heard, in PHLASH TOWN.
Please look out for your brother,sister,mother,father and just the man on the street,the ones you don't know may be the people who need you the most,give,care don't look the other way,help your fellow man when you can and remember we all are here for a reason,and when you help others you're helping yourself as well as all mankind and that is really doing something.


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